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About Uneq Solutions

We Provide solutions that rely on the power of DATA to reveal actionable intelligence.

Uneq Solutions is Technical Solutions Start up Targeting a diverse set of fields:

- Telecom & RF Performance Management
- Machine Learning and Big Data Analytics
- Open Source Educational Technology
- IoT Enabled Sustainable Development Solutions
- Advanced Battery Tech

Our Telecoms Solutions have been deployed in Tier A operators in Middle East. Our Strength is derived from in depth knowledge of the industries that we target. Our principle team has a significant Industry and academic background creating patent-able technology in Communications, Robotics, Electronics, Data Analytics & Battery Tech. With this amazing Technical capability, we are able to drive forward our vision to Research & Innovate churning out solutions that are technically superior yet conveniently adaptable. 

Our Solutions are inherently geared towards the effective Utilization of DATA in Telecoms and IoT Scenarios using Machine Learning and Big Data Analytics Technologies. Leveraging the power of Artificial Intelligence we are able to Completely Automate the process of Data collection from a diverse set of sources both virtual and Physical, Sanitize it and then Automated Actions on it based on the offered Intelligence of the embedded AI Rule Engines.

We are also very passionate about STEM/STEAM Education and the impact that it has on entire communities. Our Team is creating/customizing Open Source Tools as a delivery media for conventional curriculum while simultaneously enabling Students to get involved in the "MAKER" movement giving them confidence to explore and be curious about the world around them.