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RF Drive Testing Revolutionized

The product is revolutionary take on Drive Test Log Post Processing. It clearly deviates away from legacy tools that rely entirely on the end user to collect and manage logged data. Idea behind the product is manifold:

The Drive tester's Job is to collect the data, She shouldn't have to worry about properly naming the log files and folders.

  • She shouldn't have to worry about getting the logs back to Design and Optimization Engineers in the office.
  • Log files should be available for proactive actions as soon as they are logged.

The following will sound familiar to many an Engineer i.e. 

  • DT team is out traversing remote areas and hence won't be back in office for couple of weeks. With that obviously means no access to all important Log files they are collecting. Processing will only start once the team gets back to office. Meanwhile proactive optimization of issues on the traversed route is Just a dream.
  • The DT team comes back from the field a few weeks later and handover the GBs of logged data to the engineering team in a flash drive. However it appears that Either data is corrupted or missing
  • The vendor team has itself extracted some logs from the collection to avoid KPI breaches observed during the route.

Automated Log file Upload to cloud or FTP server

  • Mentork Solution comes equipped with (optional) Hardware device that is installed in the vehicle which is being utilized for conducting DTs. The device automatically logs all files being generated by a data collection tool and uploads the logs to a cloud location or remote FTP serve located at customer's premises. 
  • Naming and maintenance of log files is handled by the device itself. Now you won't have to worry about identifying logs based on date/time or route names. The user can choose from a variety of identification templates or can create their own based on date/time, City or Area name (automatically detected by the device using a proprietary algorithm)

​Vendor SLA Management

Vendor management as well and ensuring that key KPIs and metrics are being maintained is major headache most of the time. Mentork Solution has inbuilt features that remove this pain from the equation.

Following are the Key features of this aspect:

  • Tracking how much of an operators’ marked area as per agreement (SLA) is drive tested during any given time.
  • Tracking of whether vendor are delivering on their agreements.
a. Contractual DTs as per SLA
           i. Covering all intended areas or not.
          ii. Covering all areas with specific required level of detail.
          iii. Whether number of cities or town agreed upon in the SLA are being                    traversed in the required frequency or not.
           iv. required level of detail/data or not.
b. Contractual DT reports delivered on time and as per SLA.
c. KPI threshold check for each area.
d. Automated tracking of Actions taken for KPI breaches. 
e. Automatic computation of Total length of each route traversed and then compute the difference from each traversal of the route over the entire year. Any significant difference found results in prompt/Alarm being raised to the
  • % of city or town covered by vendor. Against the total covered area of the CBD of the city. 
  • The server side has the option to select roads, towns, cities etc using integrated interactive map that must be covered by the vendor. This is called "UDR" or User defined regions.  Once such selection is made then selected areas become a part of executable script which tracks whether all these have been traversed based on GPS footprint from the logs.
  • The same user drawn region feature may be used anytime by the user to process/calculate KPIs/metrics (all or particular KPI/metric)for any random location not only a city or road in general.
  • Automatic computation of Types of clutter traversed . The operator may want to enforce a particular type of clutter/area to be drive tested etc.
  • Automatic computation and correlation of DT report data between vendor and the automatically generated report the tool itself.
  • The system ought to facilitate the generation of contractual DT generation ensuring all identified areas are included along with the following:
  • Automatic processing of available DT logs for highlighting key KPI issues such as drop calls, block calls, HO failures, Internal HO failures, limited service,  RACH access failures, bad quality, interference, swap sectors, missing neighbors,  low coverage etc and prepare an appropriate report for management.
  • Each identified issue will be escalated automatically to declared NPO team for resolution. The system will keep track of all issues from any given route for comparison during subsequent traversals of the area. 
  • For the current escalation the system will keep record of the date when the issue was highlighted and escalated to NPO for resolution and the actual date of resolution. 

KPI Presentation and Intelligence

since the map is highly interactive, the user can ask countless question that were previously not possible such as:

Machine Learning Based Anomaly & Trend Change Detection in Logged Data

  • How has Signal Strength or Quality changed in a given area over a user selectable period of time. The area can be as small as 1 degree of longitude, latitude. This delta calculation  is not currently possible without having to load multiple logs from different repositories. Most tools only compute delta between two files. Mentork has the capability to Analyze the logs automatically and generate a change function for any number of date instances. The Change function can be displayed as charts or dynamically changing map element.
  • The System will present Signal/Quality Plot for each serving cell against distance from the cell centre. The plot will present how the signal level/quality changes over the serving distance of the cell. This may then be used to compare/benchmark the cell signal level/quality over the different traversals of this route for each cell. The system will compute this distance vs level/quality metric every time around and then will compute whether any of the following have changed over the past (user selectable duration) traversals of this route:
                    o Serving cell Distance for each cell.
                    o Serving cell Signal Level change over its serving area.
                    o Serving cell Quality change over its serving area.
  • Change function calculation for any of the KPIs is possible.
  • Automated benchmarking of KPIs based on Change function.
  • Inter operator benchmarking is easily possible allowing senior managers to easily compare their network performance with their competitors in a given area of any dimension.

Regulator Data Management

The Tool allows to generate QoS qualifying report for regulatory bodies for compliance purposes. The report may be either generate internally or a customer report be imported in to the Report generator. The tool can import Regulator QoS criteria as rules and then computes the data based on the requirement. If a breach is observed, the user is informed immediately.

Highly Interactive Reporting

Mentork Reporting engine can generate interactive PDF/EXCEL and power point reports. All legends on charts and map are interactive rather than static. Now you won't have to use magnifying glass when looking at serving cell plot for a city having more than 300 cells.